Reference points about contributing and developing.


Release Process

We use gox in combination with ghr.

Follow the steps below to make a new release!

Release Notes

Write release notes and save them in the directory release-notes.

We use as naming scheme the version number, that means the release notes for version 0.0.2 are under /release-notes/

GitHub API Token

To use ghr, you need to get a GitHub token with an account which has enough permissions to create releases. To get token, first, visit GitHub account settings page, then go to Applications for the user.

Here you can create a token in the Personal access tokens section. For a private repository you need repo scope and for a public repository you need public_repo scope.

When using ghr, you can set it via the “GITHUB_TOKEN” env var, -token command line option or github.token property in .gitconfig file.

We use a .env file which is ignored by git, check the Makefile for more information.


Update the VERSION file with the version number you want to release.

Now make sure your branch is clean and you have no uncommitted files or changes.


Run make release to create and upload the binaries to GitHub.

Commit Changes

Commit and push the new created to GitHub.

Last updated by sven on March 14, 2019.